Compare the best prices of products. Anywhere and anytime!

The "EAN365" projekt will make it easier to find most convenient purchase of products from the Gastronomy. This is a simple comparison of prices at different suppliers according to EAN code. It contains a simple inventory management and product overview of own warehouse from anywhere - also from mobile phone.

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What brings "EAN365" to the user

Working with EAN

Monitoring EAN prices, create storage cards, buying and selling prices, exports and calculations in reports, creating custom products labels.

Most convenient purchase

Easy monitoring the most convenient prices of suppliers, creating favorites shopping reports and selection of cheapest supplier for the day.

Storage cards

Creating a storage cards from products by EAN. Create your own selling prices, purchases and sales monitoring, calculation of profit, etc.

Check the warranty/condition

Monitoring warranty of your products, automatic warning before warranty expiration, monitoring the number of products in storage and warning before sold out.


Monitoring the statistics of buying and sales, calculation of profit and consumption, monitoring the historical development of product prices, exports.

Overview anywhere

Overview the most convenient prices and movements in storage get anywhere via internet. Adapted for smartphones connected to the internet.

Supplier input to the EAN365

Free admission

Input of suppliers to the EAN365 is FREE for 2012! Since the year 2013, the admission will include a fee of 450€.

Benefits of input

Can easily present your prices in online system intended for users from the Gastro and offer them most convenient purchase just in you!

Most convenient purchase

Update your price lists regularly and get more clients with best prices.

Sales statistics

Monitoring the sales statistics of your customers over EAN365, possibility of integrating an electronic order.

For more information and registration, please contact the project manager:

Subscription packages


Number of EAN: 10
Carts: unlimited
Exports: no
Statistics: no


Number of EAN: 50
Carts: unlimited
Exports: yes
Statistics: yes


Number of EAN: 150
Carts: unlimited
Exports: yes
Statistics: yes


Number of EAN: 500
Carts: unlimited
Exports: yes
Statistics: yes


Number of EAN: 2500
Carts: unlimited
Exports: yes
Statistics: yes


Number of EAN: unlimited
Carts: unlimited
Exports: yes
Statistics: yes


- prices are valid for 1 month
- subscribes always at least a month before via credit card
- with annual payment - 2 months free
- we are not VAT payers, prices are final

News & Updates

Version RS.1

Issue: November, 2012
  • Innovation client registration + 6 prepaid packages
  • Innovation 3 language versions SK, CZ, EN + 2 currencies EUR, CZK
  • Innovation creating own shopping carts
  • Partner new supplier of prices,
  • Innovation payment gateway for credit cards
  • Bug fixes responsive graphics for mobile use


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